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3 Electrical Panel Schedule Project Name DESIGN CONSTRUCTION E NGINEERS A Nebraska LLC www. dcengineers. com DCE Project No Date Fed From Panel Feeder Conduit Voltage Phase Mounting 120/208Y 3 208Y 3 277/480Y 3 480Y 3 Manufacturer Surface Flush Semi Model MLO or Main Breaker A. I. C. Rating Panel Rating Sub Feed Lugs Feed-Thru Lugs Serial Notes Description Brk A B C Top Fed Bottom Fed 120/240 1. com DCE Project No Date Fed From Panel Feeder Conduit Voltage Phase Mounting 120/208Y 3 208Y 3...
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Okay so here we are in the riser diagram and schedules number eight and so this is the step by step instructions we're going to be using to complete this panel schedule sheet number four luminaire schedule a motor schedule and the main distribution panel schedule and then we'll have the single single line riser diagram there's some instructions there as well and how to fill that out after you do all the little components of that again you'll find all the schedules they should be in d2l already you've already downloaded those electrical 220 was one of the first assignments when you set up that drawing so if you haven't done that step or if you need to review the excuse me if you need to review the changes that I might have made on some of the feedback received from that climbeth you might want to go and do that before you hand in the final final project to make sure that all your calculations are done so there's some calculations that we have to do for the panel schedule so I'm just gonna open that up here now as well and those calculations those calculations just basically show us how to calculate the values in the panel schedule for the lighting panel schedule so we're going to use 20 amp breakers we already know that that's the left side of the panel and that's for circuits feeding lights but the right side of the panel we're using outlets and those are going to be 15 amp breakers now the way that we're going to calculate the phase wattage and we'll see where we calculate that or where we put the value in the way we're going to calculate it as 1440 remember that number was excuse me came from 12 amps multiplied by 120 volts and that was 14 hundred and 40 watts that was the maximum that we can put on one circuit so we're going to take the maximum number so the maximum wattage divided by the maximum number per circuit and multiplied by the actual number on the circuit so really it's going to be 1440 divided by we figured we could put 12 outlets on one circuit right actually in certain situations if it's an office it's eight if it's a corridor it's two and if it's the warehouse it's six so we're going to do 1440 divided by the maximum which is 8 times the actual number on that circuit and that's going to give us our phase wattage we're also going to be allowing fucking spare circuits so for the lighting panel it's the first thing we're going to do is the lighting panel and we're going to be allowing one spare circuit for every five circuits used hey round up to the nearest circuits parecer cthe so if we use 12 circuits we're going to be adding three spares okay makes sense and then we're going to be determining the cat current panel rating so we'll get to that when we we actually get down to about that level so let's go back to the instructions here so the instructions really are step by step the panel's divided into two halves you guys knew that already left half of the panel is reserved for lights and the right side is for convenience elet...